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The 2013 Adirondack Youth Climate Summit will be on November 6th and 7th.  Please visit our new website for all of the information about the 2013 Summit.  Registration is now open.  

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Adirondack Youth Climate Summit = Big Climate Action!

By: Madeline Conway

Background: Madeline Conway is a member of the EmmaGreen Team at the Emma Willard School in Troy, NY.  She attended the Adirondack Youth Climate Summit at the Wild Center in November 2012.

As the great American writer, Arthur Miller once wrote in his play Death of a Salesman, “When I walked into the jungle, I was seventeen.  When I walked out… I was rich.”  This was my story after attending the Adirondack Youth Climate Summit this fall at The Wild Center in Tupper Lake, New York.  I didn’t leave with newly acquired money, but I had acquired wealth: a wealth of new knowledge, of ideas, and of inspiration.  The two day conference for high school students, college students, and teachers brought together a strong group of driven young adults who knew climate change was scary, but realized they were ready to make a change.  I was honored to attend and was empowered to do more when I left.

Speakers from organizations, the government, farms, colleges, and companies shared personal experiences, projects they were working on, and called our group to action. Even though I feel pretty knowledgable about this field, I was still alarmed at many of the statistics and information.  It showed me why it is so easy to simply shy away from the things you do not want to hear.  However, the speakers told us they did not share the details with us to simply throw the horror story in our faces and into our hands, but they wanted to empower us to make a change so that the horror story doesn’t actually come true.  We can’t just jump into life boats and row off to another planet to escape the impending doom.  We have to act and we have to act now because, as one group’s t-shirt stated, “There is no planet B.”

As the experts handed down their wealth of knowledge to the group, ideas for what I could do and accomplish began to flourish in my mind and in the minds of my group members.  Every speaker or activity inspired me and gave me the desire to spread the knowledge to everyone.  In one workshop activity, we took one recipe for simple chocolate chip cookies.  One group found the carbon footprint of baking the cookies using all of the name-brand ingredients.  The other group did the same thing, however they used as many local ingredients as they could find.  The results were mind blowing!  The drastic difference in carbon footprints for such a small recipe showed us that if we tried to buy local goods and produce for everything, we could substantially cut down on carbon emissions.  Mark and Kristin Kimball from Essex Farm also came and talked to us about the importance and benefits of local production for local consumption.  They run a farm on which all the labor is done with draft horses and their market is the local community.  Their farm is an organic community and cooperative farm that people can buy into every year and can come pickup produce and meat on a weekly basis.  The work is not easy, however it is rewarding and they find it is very important to them.  So, now when I go to the grocery store, I look for local first.  It may seem like a small change, but every little thing makes a big difference.

After all of the fantastic sessions on day one, we were sent back into our school specific groups and told to make an action plan: what could we reasonably accomplish in our schools and communities within the near future.  My EmmaGreen team brainstormed countless ideas, created a goal board, and presented our ideas to the entire summit.  I am happy to say we are on our way to some of our goals and also made and achieved new ones as well.  One student created an interactive map online showing dots for where all the students within driving range from our boarding school live.  This was sent out to the whole school and to parents to improve carpooling.  In addition, we are reopening our thrift shop in the coming weeks where students can come and bring their clothes to sell and to find new prized possessions.

Overall the summit was overwhelmingly beneficial, imbued the entire group with new ideas, and supplied me with the hope that there are more young people out there who know that it is our duty to make change.

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Beyond Colton-Pierrepont

By: Tim Rapczynski

Background: Tim got his environmental footing as a member of Colton-Pierrepont Central School’s Environmental Club in Northern New York.  He is now a Freshmen at Western New England University in Springfield, MA.

When I moved into my dorm for my first semester of college, I realized that there was no recycling bin in my room.  This seemed appalling to me, so I made one of the two trash bins given to us a recycling bin for cans and bottles and put a box next to it to recycle paper. Shortly after, I realized that there was no recycling bins anywhere in the whole dorm building, so I suggested to my RA that we get a system started! She loved the idea and put work orders in for recycling bins right away. Unfortunately, they took a little while to be delivered, but in the meantime, I convinced my friends to save their cans, bottles and paper until they came in. Two weeks later the bins arrived and ever since then they seem to be overflowing with people’s recyclables.  Now, my roommate and friends often ask me now if something is recyclable before they throw it away and just the other day I heard a neighbor tell someone, “Hey, you should recycle that. We have it, so you might as well use it.”  It’s pretty amazing to know that sometimes all it takes is just a suggestion for something really great to happen.

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4th Youth Summit to stream live!

The Plenary sessions of the Fourth Adirondack Youth Climate Summit on November 14th and 15th will stream live – www.adkyouthsummit.org/live.

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Let’s Move Salad Bars to Schools


Any K-12 school district participating in the National School Lunch Program is eligible to apply. There is one application that accommodates either an application for a single salad bar package or for larger districts, multiple salad bar packages. Schools currently awarded with the Bronze status or above in the Healthier US School Challenge (HUSSC) automatically qualify for a salad bar donation, with the stipulation that the school or district desires and can support a salad bar every day in school lunch. All applications must be submitted electronically and must be approved by your Food Service Director. Deadline: Rolling

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National Gardening Association & the Home Depot Garden Club Youth Garden Grants (YGG)


NGA awards Youth Garden Grants to schools and community organizations with child-centered garden programs. Priority will be given to programs that emphasize one or more of these elements: integration of content standards; nutrition connections; environmental awareness; entrepreneurship; social aspects of gardening such as leadership development, team building, community support, or service-learning. Eligibility: Schools, youth groups, community centers, camps, clubs, treatment facilities, and intergenerational groups throughout the U.S. are eligible. Applicants must plan to garden with at least 15 children between the ages of 3 and 18 years. For the 2013 grant cycle, 100 grants are available. All winning programs will receive curricula from NGA to complement the following packages: (5) programs will receive gift cards valued at $1000; (95) programs will receive a $500 gift card. Deadline: December 3, 2012

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Whole Kids Foundation

School Garden Grants
The mission of the Whole Kids Foundation is to improve children’s nutrition and wellness with the goal of ending the childhood obesity epidemic. The Foundation’s School Garden Grants are provided to K-12 schools and nonprofit organizations in the U.S. and Canada that are developing or currently maintaining a school garden project that will help children engage with fresh fruits and vegetables. Grants of $2,000 are provided for garden projects at any stage of development – planning, construction, or operation. Deadline: November 15, 2012

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10th Annual P3 Awards: A National Student Design Competition for Sustainability Focusing on People, Prosperity and the Planet

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as part of the P3-People, Prosperity and the Planet Award Program, is seeking applications proposing to research, develop, and design solutions to real world challenges involving the overall sustainability of human society. The P3 competition highlights the use of scientific principles in creating innovative projects focused on sustainability. The P3 Award program was developed to foster progress toward sustainability by achieving the mutual goals of economic prosperity, protection of the planet, and improved quality of life for its people– people, prosperity, and the planet – the three pillars of sustainability. The EPA offers the P3 competition in order to respond to the technical needs of the world while moving towards the goal of sustainability. Please see the P3 website for more details about this program. Deadline for application is December 11th, 2012.

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Lowe’s Toolbox for Education

The Lowe’s Toolbox for Education program provides grant awards to support school improvement projects at K-12 public schools. Now in its sixth year, the program has donated over $30 million to more than 6,000 schools. For the 2012-13 school year program, the foundation will give priority to basic necessities. There is a preference for funding requests that have a permanent impact such as facility enhancement (both indoor and outdoor), landscaping/cleanup projects as well as technology-based improvements. Projects that encourage parent involvement and build stronger community spirit are encouraged.

  • Eligibility: Any individual U.S. public K-12 school or nonprofit parent group associated with a public K-12 school is eligible to apply. Parent groups that are applying (PTO, PTA, etc.) must have an independent EIN and official 501(c)(3) status from the IRS.
  • Funding: Grant requests must be between $2,000 and $5,000 per school. Lowe’s will donate $5 million to schools and school parent/teacher groups at more than 1,000 different schools during the school year.

Deadline: October 12, 2012
Contact: Lowe’s Toolbox for Education
c/o PTO Today
100 Stonewall Blvd. Suite 3
Wrentham, MA 02093
Phone: 1 (800) 644-3561 ext: 208
Email: info@toolboxforeducation.com
Website: http://www.toolboxforeducation.com/

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Kids In Need Foundation & Elmer’s Products Elmer’s Teacher Tool Kit grants

K-12 teachers across the United States are eligible to apply for one of approximately two hundred and fifty Elmer’s Teacher Tool Kit grants. Grants will range from $100 to $500 for projects to be completed during the 2012-13 school year. Grants will be awarded to teachers who wish to conduct classroom projects selected from a catalog of more than five hundred projects currently in the Kids In Need Guide to Award Winning Projects. Grant awards will be based on financial need, description of how the particular project meets the educational needs of students and satisfies state standards or school curriculum requirements, and the number of students who will benefit from the project. Please note: Although special consideration will be given to first-year teachers, all certified K-12 teachers are encouraged to apply.  Find out more here.

Deadline: April 30, 2012

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